Self-Marketing Technology Path

[Project Title]: Self-Marketing Technology Path – IntlMAEC Community Management (IntlMAEC)

[Object]: Students who want to improve their self-marketing ability.

[Goal]: To achieve a unified information management system of social media, which get the efficient dissemination of the content based on content plans, design, production, publishing, testing and improvements.

[Instructor]: Dr. Yun Wang (Claude)

[Instructor Profile]: President of University of San Jose (, Senior International Education Expert, engaged in the International Education Cooperation between China and the United States for more than 20 years. Dr. Wang founded Chengdu Gocean education group in 1997 and has served as chairman, Founded Gosvea (USJedu Group) in Silicon Valley in 2014 and Dr. Wang has served as chairman. In 2015, Dr. Wang founded the University of San Jose (USJ) in Silicon Valley and served as the founding President. Dr. Wang has earned a B.S. from Tsinghua university and a Ph.D. in management from Peking University.

[Technical path guidance arrangement]

Subject Method
1) Self-Marketing Business Plan Manager Video, Lecture, Presentation
2) Sympathy with customers Video, Lecture, Presentation
3) How to conduct customer experience planning Video, Lecture, Presentation
4) Service rollover implementation Video, Lecture, Presentation
5) Value-added sharing scheme Video, Lecture, Presentation
6) Self-marketing evaluation and improvement Video, Lecture, Presentation
7) Self-marketing performance evaluation Video, Lecture, Presentation
8) Marketing anchor program Video, Lecture, Presentation
9)Case of self-marketing manager Video, Lecture, Presentation
Assignments Paper and Software Dev