Blockchain Workshop Training Program

(A – 25 hours of systematic training)
(B – 20 hours for prototype project)
(C – practical project development for 20 hours)

[Class Title]: Blockchain Engineer(A) (80 hours + practical program of 80 hours)     2020 BC-A-01

[Course Code]: BC-A-301

[Lecturer]: Mr. Fei Zou

[Course Content]:

1)Introduction to Blockchain;
2)Client installation and Operation;
3)Bit Coins and Ether Coins network;
4) E-Wallet;
5)Smart Contract Programming;
6) Solitidy complex variable types, methods, inheritance, Events, and
7) Decentralized application of Dapp.

[Practical CASE]: E-wallet/Smart Contract Project

[Class Time]: The daytime, evening and weekend classes. The specific time of the classes depends on the notice.