Big Data Technology Project

[Project Title]: Big Data Technology Project – Intelligent Price Comparison System (IPCS)

[Object]: Students should have the basic foundation of programming

[Goal]: To achieve intelligent determination of the price of a certain commodity, and the best price when and where to buy.

[Instructor]: Dr. Jim Hao

[Instructor Profile]: Vice President of USJ; Dean of Big Data School of USJ. He is now a big data scientist at Oracle. He used to be a senior software engineer at
eBay and VISA, and is Ph.D. in computer science from Tsinghua University.

[Technical path guidance arrangement]

Subject Method
1) The main theory introduction of IPCS and Big Data Video, Lecture, Presentation
2) The main development tools of BD Video, Lecture, Presentation
3) How to get the big data and management of BD Video, Lecture, Presentation
4) How to build the module Video, Lecture, Presentation
5) how to build the IPCS Video, Lecture, Presentation
Assignments Paper and Software Dev