AI Workshop Training Program

(A – 25 hours of systematic training)
(B – 20 hours for prototype project)
(C – practical project development for 20 hours)

[Class Title]: Deep Learning Engineer (A) (25 hours + 25 hours)    2020AI-A-01

[Course Code]: AI-A-101

[Lecturer]: Andy Tian

[Course Module]: Video Structure Analysis, Object Detection and Tracking, Character Recognition, Action Recognition, Course Contents, and Activity Recognition.

[Course Content]: Dividing the video into frames, super frames, shots, scenes, and stories to deal and express at multiple levels such as vehicle tracking.
The safer area identifies the people who appeared in the video; Emotion semantic analysis to identify the actions of the characters in the video; What kind of psychological experience the audience will have when they are watching some certain videos.

[Project Objectives]: Design and Implementation of a Human/Animal Identification System

[Class Time]: The daytime, evening and weekend classes. The specific time of the classes depends on the notice.